For $10,000, You Get a Marketing Funnel That’s DONE and Generating You a Steady Flow of High-Quality Leads For Your Business

Day 0: You Schedule a Paid Call

We’ll have a 60-minute call to get clear on your goals and priorities.

We’ll also discuss what problems they (your prospects) have and which pain points to target in order to get them to “raise their hands” as somebody who is interested in what you’re offering.

Before the call ends, you’ll have a good idea of how everything works.

Day 7: You Get THE PLAN

After the 60-minute call, I’ll put together The Marketing Plan for your review and feedback.

This will be delivered in 7 business days from our initial call.

Day 20:
The Marketing Funnel Goes LIVE

Once you’ve reviewed the Marketing Plan, it’ll take 10 days to implement the plan.

In other words, if today was June 1, you look at The Plan and you say “Yes, that looks great”… that means The Funnel will be DONE and LIVE by June 10.

Day 45:

You Start Receiving Leads

Sometimes leads come in right away. Other times it takes a bit of tweaking until we hit the right pain points that your prospects have.

Having built 21 of these funnels for private clients in just 2017, getting leads on day 45 is not unrealistic.

Beyond Day 45:

After the funnel is DONE, one of 3 things can happen:

Option #1:
You take the funnel and manage it yourself.

Option #2:
You’d like me to COACH you on maintaining and improving the funnel WITH you.
The fee is $2100 for 6 months.

Option #3:
You’d like me to PARTNER with you to manage the funnel FOR you.
The fee is $9000 for 6 months.

Whatever you decide, the goal is the same – to help you systematically generate a steady flow of NEW leads and business.

To Recap…

Day 0
Paid Call
  • Discuss Goals
  • Set Priorities
  • Address Challenges
  • Clear Timeline
  • Define Metrics
Day 7
The Plan
  • Target Audience
  • Soft Offer
  • Hard Offer
  • Landing Pages
  • Autoresponders
Day 20
Funnel Done
  • Funnel Setup
  • Tracking Installed
  • Process Tested
  • Funnel LIVE
  • First 72 hour Review
Day 45
New Leads
  • Right People
  • Raising Their Hands
  • For Your Offer
  • Now Leads
  • Later Leads

You Get A Marketing Funnel That’s DONE
Delivering You Leads in Just 45 Days

To begin the process – the first step is to schedule a paid call. The fee for the call is $110. If you have to think about the investment, you should wait. Otherwise, use the button below to get on my calendar. On the scheduling page, you’ll be able to 1) Pick a date/time and 2) Pay for your consultation – Once you’ve reserved your spot, you’ll receive an email with a short questionnaire and a link to join our call.

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