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Hi, I’m Chung Tang, the face of MoreCustomersOnline.

If you’re looking to grow your email and call traffic, I feel confident you’ll find this guide helpful to you. 

It’s also a good primer for what we do, and how I approach marketing, lead generation, and online selling. 

Before you request a copy, let me tell you…

Why I Started MoreCustomersOnline

In June 2009, I worked for my father’s companies. This meant I knew intimately what was going on in the business. During that time, he was looking to have a simple website built for his two companies, so he contacted two companies, got 2 quotes and accepted them both. 

60 days passed, and no websites yet. He was wondering what was going on with his websites. Why was this taking so long?

 I, having no knowledge of how long a website takes to build, was concerned as well. When he checked back, one company told him they spent a whole month on logos. He was not impressed.

The other company? pretty much the same story, but on hosting.

He ended up cancelling the project. And few days later, lo and behold were two invoices for the hours billed that amounted to ~ $1000

This incident stuck with me for a couple months. I wanted to do something, but wasn’t sure what I could do. I just had a feeling other small business owners were facing similar issues. Well, in the end, I did do something and you can kind of say that, that bad experience was the gate to my online career.

Because in June 2010 (about one year later), I build my first website to sell a local embroidery business for which I was hired as a consultant ($30,000 to sell the business)

January 2011, I got into affiliate marketing and started SEOing websites and taught myself to write sales copy while spending my own money to test ideas.

June 2011, I got my first paying customer ($500 for Facebook ad campaign and Fan page setup)

October 2011, I opened my first Google AdWords account.

From October to December 2013:

  • I landed a bunch more clients and along the way, got paid as much as $3000 per month to implement marketing campaigns.
  • We moved out of a 1,100 sqft apartment to a 2,200 sqft condo to continue building the biz, and more room for our 1st child, Immarah.
  • I rented an office (only stayed for 3 months).
  • Then had our 2nd child, Emeryson in June 2013.

Fast forward to now…

I’m working from my home office while my wife gets to stay home with our kids. I’m thankful to have had that bad experience with those web design firms – it taught me what not to do.

Six reasons that makes us unique, compared to others out there… 

  1. For the right client, we guarantee more leads, sales, and customers (not just Google rankings or traffic)
  2. Only working with a handful of fast growing companies at one time means our quality is superb
  3. Based Halifax, we’re entirely virtual, so you don’t pay for a big office and people sitting there checking Facebook and Tweeting… you pay for expertise and measurable results.
  4. We’ve spent tens of thousands in generating traffic and improving conversions – we know what works.
  5. We rate our success by the only metric that matters – tangible results (like leads, sales, and customers)
  6. Our Complementary Assessment entitles you expert advice on your online ad, landing page, or offer, by Chung Tang (Valued at $149).

Getting in touch

If you’re a growth-focused company with an awesome product or service and your goals are to [1] generate sufficient leads at an efficient cost, [2] to convert those leads at a high enough rate, or [3] want higher conversions from your website, here’s what to do next:

Click here to send email – this will send me an email so let me know how I might be able to help and I will personally respond to you within 48 hours.

Sample the meaty content – marketing and revenue-growth tips.

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